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N40050 LV Riverside Bag


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A balance of practicality and elegance, this LV Riverside bag is a great choice for work day and weekend break. Damier Ebene canvas with rich Taurillon grained leather details. The Toron handle features a metal base, and Epi-textured LV resin accents accentuate the brand.

Detailed Features
36 x 25 x 15 cm
(length x height x width)
Damier Ebene coated canvas and Taurillon grained leather
Taurillon grained leather trim
Microfiber lining
metallic parts
3 compartments, magnetic snap closure
Zippered inner pocket
5 bottom nails
Shoulder Straps: Detachable, not adjustable
Strap half length: 42.5 cm
Handle: Double handle


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